The Arbour Phase II

4131 Lakeshore Road (currently Fairview Apartments)

The Arbour Phase II will be a mix of pedestrian oriented at grade townhomes that will conceal a large below grade parkade from which a 3 story apartment building will rise from the roof. The project will contain approx. 70 rental units and will be modern in its design and architecture as well as proportionate to the neighborhood.

Whitworth has applied to the City of Kelowna for a Development Permit and it is anticipated that construction will commence sometime in fall 2021.

Proposed 58 Unit Apartment Building

With 13 Adjacent Townhomes

Currently the Fairview Apartments sit on the proposed site. Whitworth seeks to demolish these tired 1960 era apartments/townhomes and develop new, better quality rental apartments and townhomes that will be an attractive and impressive addition to the neighborhood.

Thoughtful Design

Respectful Building Practices

The design of this project respects all neighbors by minimizing building heights, providing a generous front yard setback, limiting surface parking, creating ample landscaping buffers and greenspaces as well as providing attractive new buildings befitting the quality of the Lower Mission Community.

Contact Us

Much thought and discussion with the City has gone in to the planning of this project. Further comments on our development proposal are welcome by e-mailing [email protected] or by phone at 250-763-7506. You can also contact Arlene Janousek, Planner at the City of Kelowna at [email protected] or by contacting the City of Kelowna at 250-862-3323