Residential Tenancy Application


I, Applicant, hereby offer to rent for $ per month from WHITWORTH HOLDINGS. ("Landlord"), the Property located at: Suite # - , Kelowna, British Columbia starting on , . This offer is subject to Landlord's assessment of all information provided herein and approval of such, and to a formal residential tenancy agreement to be signed upon approval. One (1) year fixed term is required for all tenancies.


Adult Occupants

NAMES of all adult persons (age 19 or older) who will occupy the Property

Minor Occupants

NAMES of minor occupants (under age 19)

Adult Occupants

INFORMATION: Each adult applicant MUST complete one application in full.

Present Housing Information

Previous Housing Information

Present Employer

Personal References

Personal Reference #1

Personal Reference #2

Other Information


Consent/Collection, Use & Disclosure of Personal Information

Consent/Collection, Use & Disclosure of Personal Information: I certify that the information contained in this application is true and correct. For the purpose of determining whether my application for this tenancy is acceptable, I hereby consent to the Landlord obtaining credit and other personal information about myself for all purposes consistent with the assessment of my application. I authorize the reporting agencies and other persons to disclose information on me to the Landlord or his or her agent. This consent is given pursuant to the Credit Reporting Act (RSBC 1996) Chapter 81. All personal information collected shall be kept confidential, in a secure place and shall be destroyed, erased or made anonymous when the use of the information have been fulfilled. The Landlord will not sell, rent or share any personal information with any other third parties.